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International Roma Day in Chicago
10 квітня 2023 р.

International Roma Day in Chicago

World Roma Federation Celebrates Historic Flag Raising Ceremony in Chicago on International Roma Day

CHICAGO, 4/10/2023 – The World Roma Federation, led by founder and president Janos Sztojka and director of international relations Deny Dobobrov, is proud to announce a historic milestone in the United States: For the first time ever, the Romani Flag was raised in the City of Chicago.

The flag raising ceremony took place on International Roma Day in the presence of members from the Cook County Human Rights Commission.

This symbolic gesture represents a significant step forward in recognizing the rights and contributions of the Romani people in the United States. It was made possible due to the efforts of local Romani activists and the support from US Government after passing S.Res 124.

During this event, Cook County Human Rights Commission representatives gave a statement recognizing ongoing initiatives to reduce discrimination against Roma, affirming their commitment to work diligently to protect the civil rights of all citizens, including those of Romani heritage.

"We are honored that both Chicago and Cook County have chosen to stand with us in support of our community," said Janos Sztojka, founder and president of the World Roma Federation. "This momentous occasion reaffirms our shared commitment to fostering understanding and inclusion among diverse communities."

Deny Dobobrov, director of international relations for the World Roma Federation, expressed gratitude for this recognition and hoped that it would become an annual tradition: "We appreciate the support we've received from both government officials and citizens alike. We believe this flag raising ceremony sets a powerful precedent for future celebrations and greater acceptance."

The World Roma Federation continues its mission to advocate for comprehensive human rights policies that respect and protect Roma individuals around the globe. This historic event is seen as an important step in raising awareness about Romani culture and history while promoting equality for all marginalized communities.