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Roma defender Dmytro Tytychko from the famous Transcarpathian 128th Brigade
1 лютого 2023 р.

Roma defender Dmytro Tytychko from the famous Transcarpathian 128th Brigade

Dmytro Tytychko (32 years old) from the first days of the war sought to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was painful for him to watch Ukrainian children being brutally killed: “I myself have four daughters aged from two to eleven. My daughters are too young to know what war is. They still think that their father has left to earn money... I simply could not stand aside from what is happening in Ukraine today”, says Dmytro.

Dmytro told a little about himself: “I myself come from Svalyava, a town in the Zakarpattia region. My childhood and youth were the simplest, like every Ukrainian Roma. But this did not prevent me, when I became an adult, to join the ranks of the Armed Forces. So, on the eleventh of March, I was already on the front line”.

The father of four children, who had the opportunity to legally stay at home, voluntarily joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Dmytro’s family did not know about his intentions.

Dmytro says: “I ran away from home to sign up as a volunteer at the Military Commissariat. When my family found out, they cried a lot, saying "What have you done?" At first I said that I was only on duty in a military unit”.

When Dmytro finds free time, he always calls his relatives, like every soldier. He misses his daughters very much.


Dmytro describes the combat path of a warrior in the following words:

“I didn’t know anything about the war. I learned to assemble and disassemble the Kalash automatic machine itself on the train, we learned everything on the go. I shot a few times and that's it, I learned.

It was somewhere on the sixth of June. It was one of the first days I really felt what “war” was. At that time, I was in the Zaporizhzhia region, and many rockets were flying that day. In the evening, the damned ‘rashists’ hit us and our positions, they flew thirty or forty meters from us. The sound drowns out, you don’t understand what’s happening, and we didn’t even have trenches at that time.

The truth is that the Roma have never fought or participated en masse in any war in the history of mankind, but now the enemies have come to our door and are killing our children, how can the Roma stand aside? Later, I visited Kherson, Soledar and Bakhmut. During this year I was at home only once.

I knew why I went there to the front. It seems to me that if it weren't for my children, I wouldn't be in this world anymore, they keep me on Earth. And if there was an opportunity to turn back time, I would still go to the front. I really want to see my family, this is the only dream at the moment.”

What is interesting, at the beginning of my service, the brothers, having learned that I am Roma, and some boys hid things from me – they probably thought that I would steal. And now we are all brothers, we have gone through “fire and water” together. We became very close friends, everyone takes care of each other, we are like a family. We served together for seven months, and then we were separated. We do not lose contact with each other, we call each other. There were ten of us Roma together, and three remained, and all of us voluntarily went to serve, we are from the same Roma settlement in the Svaliavshchyna.

At the moment, the main thing is that the sky above the head is free, that life is without fear for children. Peace to us all and victory!”

Our interview with the Roma defender ended with these words.

Author: Valentina Buzyla, EqualNet network

Translation: Anastasiia Tambovtseva, EqualNet network

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