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Rom Khalid defends Ukraine
22 листопада 2022 р.

Rom Khalid defends Ukraine

“My name is Khalid, I was given this name after I converted to Islam and became a Muslim. I am from the beautiful city of Odesa. I am married, together with my wife we raise a daughter, and she is three years old. Actually, the only thing I can say is that as soon as the war started, I tried to volunteer immediately.

But I couldn’t be mobilized for two or three months: they couldn’t, or didn’t want to, take me into the army. Then I was advised only one way out – if I sign the contract! Only then could I go to protect my family and my people. And I signed a contract for three years. The decision to go to war came to my mind immediately, as it is my direct civic duty as a man, a true mujahideen warrior, who is obliged to defend his home and his family, as well as his country. Ukraine, in fact, gave me everything that I have at the moment – a loving wife, the best and most beautiful daughter. I believe that the one who came to us with a sword will perish by the sword”, says Khalid.

Valentyna: What were your impressions when you first learned about the war?

Khalid: I learned about it like everyone else – from the announcement of the beginning of the war and the fact that the Russians attacked us, when there were explosions all over the country and so on. I did not explain it to my little child, my wife did. When I went to serve in the army, at the beginning, my daughter was told that “daddy is at work”. Now she knows that dad is a military man and protects them and Ukraine. My family is currently in Ukraine.

Valentyna: How did your family react to the decision to join the military?

Khalid: I have the best wife in the world, she always supports me in everything, in this situation she hesitated whether to support my action. But my opinion could not be changed, over time she began to regret that she could not persuade me to change my mind then, but she is still my best! Many relatives and friends, including my sister and brothers, dissuaded me, but we have different positions on life, or rather, different worldviews.

Valentyna: What day during the entire period of the war did you remember the most?

Khalid: I remember the day when I saw my family the most. It was gorgeous... My daughter didn’t let go of my arms for fifteen to twenty minutes, and my wife’s hugs – it was the warmest it had been in a long time. At the moment I feel great, emotions are normal. My plans for the future (all by the will of Almighty Allah) are to win and be with my family. I only want victory and more real men would go to defend Ukraine, and not those who, like women, “run” abroad in fear. Glory to Ukraine! Ukraine above all!

Author: Valentyna Buzyla, EqualNet network

Translation: Anastasiia Tambovtseva, EqualNet network

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